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We specialize in Medical Billing Negotiations 

Our Process

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Insurance Denials

Appealing denied medical insurance claims or denied services. We represent providers and patients


We review your medical bills and explanation of benefits.


We begin the negotiation process on your behalf.


Consent agreements are signed.


We strive to reach a fair and equitable settlement for your medical bills.


How it Works

  • After your initial consultation, we review your medical bill, explanation of benefits (E.O.B.) and insurance benefits.

  • Our team will investigate your potential savings.

  • We will ask you to sign an agreement to compensate us 25% of the amount SAVED.

  • Insurance appeal services are based on an hourly fee schedule or flat fee.

  • We will ask you to place a credit card on file with us to pay the fee when our service is completed.

  • Once your savings has been negotiated, we will notify you of the savings and charge your card the agreed 25% of the savings.

  • It will be your responsibility to follow up with the provider and pay the new amount owed directly to them.

  • Our service is complete once we have negotiated your savings. 

About Us

With years of experience working with patients and their families, we navigate the medical billing and payment processes with expertise. We have saved patients, medical practices and hospitals millions of dollars through fair and equitable negotiations.


Our team works with patients and medical providers to recover lost revenue through the appeal process. We help patients  better understand their medical bills and explanation of benefits and insurance payments. 


We offer a service to negotiate a fair settlement of medical bills with a cost savings. We charge a percentage fee of 25% on the money SAVED. Our company can provide insurance denial representation in addition to claim denial appeals after medical services have been provided. These services are available to medical providers and patients.


Our Mission

To find solutions, equity and fairness within the medical insurance billing process for patients, families, and providers.


Our Purpose

  • To advocate for patients and providers who are not receiving the full compensation or benefit provided through the insurance policy.

  • To negotiate equitable and reasonable financial settlements between patients, providers and insurance companies.

  • To assist the non-insured patient to negotiate discounts for the medical services they receive.

  • To assist the insured patient in negotiating settlements with providers, within the parameters of their insurance policy.

  • To assist the insured patient in appealing denied services.

  • To assist the medical provider in appealing denied claims.

  • To recover lost revenue for providers.

My Story

I know first-hand the trauma, pain and anxiety associated with being abandoned by an insurance company just when you need them the most. My skills helped to manage my own 2-million dollar insurance battle that resolved successfully.


I have appealed and recovered over one million dollars in lost revenue for medical providers and have helped patients to receive over 1.5 million dollars of covered treatment costs. I specialized in high cost denials, appeals and insurance reconsideration cases. I became a licensed insurance agent to better understand insurance policies to navigate and advocate for patients and providers. 


Fair settlements help to bring closure and resolution for all parties involved. With over 15 years of experience advocating for patients,  I have helped to resolve many  financial burdens.  My passion is to advocate for fairness between the patient, provider and insurance policy.


Client Testimonials


Jolean at PASAZ was able to get my surgery approved by my insurance  after my  Dr's office said it was not covered.   She was amazing to work with and helped negotiate a fair resolution for my healthcare costs.


PASAZ helped save my father save over $1,000 in medical costs and got his insurance to pay his claim! I highly recommend this company


PASAZ negotiated a settlement with my hospital and saved me $500.  I can't say enough good things about my experience.

Contact Patient Advocate Solutions AZ (PASAZ), your Medical Bill Advocate. We specialize in Medical Billing Negotiation and Insurance Denials

Set up an initial consultation to discuss if you would like us to negotiate for you. Then let us review your medical bills, Explanation of Benefits (E.O.B's), and Insurance Benefits

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